Through the lens of transmorphism and performance; ‘glamour’- an ever-strengthening contemporary spell that is cast in order to disguise all facets of the unenchanting and imperfect. 


The origin of the word ‘glamour’ comes from ‘gramayre’ (grammer) (implying language, in itself, is a trickery or mystification). Over time the word began to refer to ‘glamer’: actual magic that was cast on people, causing them to see objects differently to how they truly were.

Glamour only works by keeping people at a distance; behind glamour is an unalluring truth. Glamour can also bring people together, but when it’s not recognised for it’s craftsmanship (like in media and politics, for example), it makes us confused, hurt, and divided.

It has become so deeply engrained into our society that we’ve actually become less inclined to take delight in reality (maybe this is a reason for all the anxiety); we are taught that the imperfect, the mediocre, and the unalluring (etc), are failures and weaknesses. But, all those things are a part of nature- which has no good or bad.

Are we entering deeper into a zeitgeist where the imperfect, the honest, the natural, the tasteless, the sloppy, the unappealing, the uncharismatic, the non-beguiling, the unpleasant, and the unalluring, are all going to be further repressed until we live in complete and utter fiction?

Perhaps we’ve already fallen into this rabbit hole and the elite spellcasters are creating reality for us.