At home, in the art studio of her mother, Lucille began developing herself as an artist. Her eclectic taste and curiosity was likely sparked by being exposed to a diverse amount of cultural influences from visiting her father (an engineer) in a multitude of foreign countries.

Growing Up as a single child, Lucille became an autodidactic individual with a strong impetus to play and explore imagination. She would, and still does, perpetually express her intimate life through traditional visual art mediums. Having spent a life time practicing visual art, Lucille developed an enthusiasm for transformation, movement, story and emotion, which she satisfied by becoming a performer.

In 2011 “Lucille Spielfuchs” (an alias for entertainment-focused work) was established, and Lucille quickly rose to become one of Australia’s leading avant-guard burlesque performers. Retaining her artistic integrity, Lucille focused her performances on cultural identity, body politics, and the beguiling nature of beauty and design.

Lucille gained valuable knowledge from various acting schools; learning how to tell stories through emotions, and, as well as completing a year of practical study in “design”, Lucille completed a university degree in a dramaturgy that focused on “performance art”. This education also granted her the critical thought needed for art critique. She gained an education that can be applied to all art mediums, because all art has an audience.

With over 10 years of artistic evolution in a diverse, authentic, and politically-active art scene (the underground performance art scenes of Sydney and Berlin), Lucille established an enormous repertoire of short performance work that drove her to examine the global commodification of art and creative expression more closely.

In 2015, Lucille began working at the ‘Art Gallery Of NSW’ and started experimenting with the mergence of theatre and the visual arts. In 2018, Lucille moved to Berlin to further pursue her career as a multidisciplinary artist.

Her works are held in private collections in the US, Australia and Germany. They glamour in transitory stillness, they share stories, they celebrate ‘performance’ as a part of the intangible reality of our everyday lives. Her work seeks to find “truth” and expose the dialectic dichotomies of healthy and unhealthy behaviours in society.