Lucille Lehr was born in Dunedin, New Zealand and raised in Sydney, Australia by German parents. In her early years she grew up as a single child with her mother (a painter); spending many of these years drawing and painting at home in her mother’s studio and travelling the world to visit her father (a civil engineer). Lucille eventually developed a love for acting, creating her own characters and making up her own stories. In 2011 ‘Lucille Spielfuchs’’ was established and, under this alias, Lucille became an active member of the Sydney burlesque art scene; creating an enormous repertoire of performances. In 2013, Lucille completed a Bachelor of Arts at the ‘University of New South Wales’, majoring in both ‘Philosophy’’ and ‘Performance And Theatre’’. She began working at the ‘Art Gallery of New South Wales’’ in 2015, and hereafter began pursuing painting more seriously. In 2018 Lucille moved to Berlin to further pursue her career as a, multidisciplinary, visual artist.

Artist Statement

My work is an exchange between the theatre and my intimate life. I engage with the physical body, changing identities, philosophy and science, anti-beauty and spontaneity. My works energize and glamour in transitory stillness, they share stories, and they celebrate ‘performance’ as a part of the intangible reality of our everyday lives.

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