Selected Showings


Group Exhibition: Metamultiversum at ECC, Berlin, Germany

Group exhibition: Maubachufer Festival, Berlin, Germany

‘Water Moves Itself’, Dr Sketchys, Sydney, Australia

‘Vagina Painting’ (House of Red Doors), Berlin Germany


‘Luna Menses’ (Full Moon Cabaret), Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

‘An Interrogation of Beauty’ (House of Red Doors), Berlin Germany

‘Feed The Rabbit’ (House Of Red Doors), Berlin, Germany


Private student of Willi Gilli, Bretten, Germany

Private student of Reinhold Braun, Karlsruhe, Germany


Model and student for Wendy Sharpe, Sydney, Australia

Artist Residency at Lammgasse, Bretten, Germany

The Art Gallery Of NSW (front of house; information, ticketing, host and tours), Sydney, Australia ,

‘Snugglepot &Cuddlepie- ecosexual’ (Burlesque Down Under) collaboration with Madeleine Love, Perth Fringe Festival, Perth, Australia

‘RATAVA smash brothers’, interactive technology, collaboration with Grant Moxom, Art House Hotel, Sydney, Australia


Group exhibition: ‘At First Sight’, Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Sydney, Australia

‘RATAVA’, interactive technology, Collaboration with Grant Moxom) for Playstation 20th Anniversary, Cockatoo Island, Australia

Life Modelling Classes (Animal Logic, Wendy Sharpe, Thinking Works, The Art House Hotel, Dr Sketchys, COFA, WOOGA, Drink And Draw), Sydney, Australia

‘Ubu’s Refuse’ (The Australian Burlesque Festival: Empress Royale), The Spiegeltent, Melbourne, Australia


Anti-clown (Bouffon) Workshop- with Red Bastard, Sydney, Australia

Basic Stage Combat Certificate (Unarmed and side sword)- with Kyle Rowling, Sydney, Australia

Michael Chekhov Acting Technique (8 week)- with Natela Dzuliashvili, Sydney, Australia

AoC/SSCS Stage Combat Intensive- Kyle Rowling, Jared Kirby and Dr. John Lennox, Sydney, Australia

‘Ubu’s Refuse’ and ‘Leda and the Swan’, (Miss Burlesque Australia Grand Final), The Factory Theatre, Sydney, Australia


‘History’, Performance art solo performance, Post graduate performance at Io Myers, UNSW, Sydney, Australia

‘Chrysalis’, post graduate collaboration performance art showcase, Io Myers, UNSW, Sydney, Australia

‘Islands Records: Excuse To Let loose’, Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney, Australia


Solo exhibition: ‘Intimate Colour’, Buzz Bar Café, Sydney, Australia

Group exhibition: ‘Slick City Chicks’, TAP Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Acting Master Classes (8 weeks) (x3 sessions)- Kate Gaul (Director), Gabrielle Neville (Voice), Sydney, Australia

NIDA, Voice Essentials- Natasha McNamara, Sydney, Australia

7th Birthday and Last Show Ever’: (New Clothes), 34B Burlesque, Qbar, Sydney, Australia


ImPACT Ensemble- Julie Vulcan and Kat Jones (Directors), Sophie Martin (Voice), Samantha Chester (Movement), Drew Fairley (Voice), Sydney, Australia

NIDA, Actor’s Studio (4 Week Intensive)- Robin McLeavy (Basics), Shane Jones (Movement), Natasha McNamara (Voice), Jeneffa Soldatic (Theatre), Felix Williamson (TV), Craig Boreham (Film), Sydney, Australia

Artist Residency, ‘Bundonon Trust’ with ImPACT Ensemble; Sydney, Australia

‘Jurrasic Lounge’ (Pterodactylus), Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia

‘Beguiled’ (2 hour group installation performance), PACT Theatre; Sydney, Australia

Solo exhibition: Gallery Burlesque, TONE, Sydney, Australia

Live Painting installation: The Imperial Hotel, Sydney, Australia

Group exhibition: ‘The Demo Sale’, At The Vanishing Point, Sydney, Australia

‘Miss Burlesque Australia’ (So You Think You Can Tell?, Lion and the Mouse), Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia


Certificate IV (Design); Brookvale TAFE, Sydney, Australia

Artist Residency at Lena Villa, Toscana, Italy

Group exhibition: Brookvale TAFE postgraduate show, Manly Gallery, Sydney, Australia

‘242424’ (24-hour performance installation collaboration), Shopfront Theatre; Sydney, Australia

Artist Residency (6 months) at ‘Theater K.’, Aachen, Germany